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Serving the Community“What are you doing for others?”

T-Club is the local/International Teenagers founder by Dr Maria Pinto Barbosa. T-Club TEENS assists in carrying out its mission to serve other Teenagers of the Nation.

Teenager’s members of T-Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as collecting clothing and food drives.


·         T-Club TEENS is encouraged to participate at community services and outreach such as cleaning up parks or gardens.

·         The wings of Hope distribution of clothing and food “Just 1 Child” reach out to need children.

·         Visiting Hospice Center, VFW, Shelters& others .

·         T.B.D distribution of books, including “Just 1 Book,” which works to get books in the hands of children in the community.

·         ACCEL Teens Leadership Evaluates judges, they empower other teenagers & organize campaign against teen bullying.

·         They also learn leadership skill by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions.

  • Join the fight to end bullying

    Millions of children worldwide have experienced bullying at school. Any bullying hurts a child’s self-esteem, but at its worst, bullying could lead to high anxiety, bad grades, dropping out of school or even suicide.



    Is Your Friend Bullying You? Your friend doesn’t stop when you say “STOP” he’s/she’s being a bully. Teenagers should not attack the bully in retaliation. Ignoring a bully is usually effective because bullies enjoy getting a reaction and upsetting people. Kids should try to give off a confident, positive vibe and not show the bully that they are frightened or upset. Try not to show anger or tears. Either calmly tell the bully to stop bullying or simply walk away.

    Tell Someone: Teenagers who are being bullied should inform a trusted adult as fast as possible. Stick with a friend or group of friends as much as possible. Teenager should avoid walking alone in places where they are likely to run into the bully. You can help to stop bullying. Encourage parents to be involved: Combating bullying is a mission that requires cooperation all community. Dr. MPB

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Dr Maria Barbosa



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