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Maria P Barbosa Campaign 2014


About Maria Pinto Barbosa


Homeowner & Resident in Florida since 2000

Wife, Mother and Grandmother of 7 grandchildren

Maria Pinto Barbosa is a native of Celorico de Basto and moved to Lisbon at the age of two. I was raised in different locations of Portugal and then immigrated to the United States; I resided in New Jersey for over 16 years, when soon after I moved to Florida. 

 Professional background: Entrepreneur with for 25 years working in small and big businesses-restaurants and retail stores. * 14 years as a property manager. *7 years working as a not for profit consultant. * Currently working as a Coordinator-advisor to the T-Club Teens sponsored by the D.I.V.A.S club of Flagler County. I possess a PhD in Christian Counseling and am licensed as a Clinical Counselor and author of ACCEL Educational Leadership. I’m an artist and an advocate for Flagler County residents.   

 Why am’ I running for school board? I am running for school board of education because I care, and I am personally invested in Flagler County. I am running for the school board to continue to serve my community as well as the Teachers of District 1 by contributing my time, leadership talents and my passion to help our students achieve educational excellence and to grow into adults who are well-prepared to be good citizens.  

My goal: Is to be the voice and work with Parents and Teachers as well with the community to make the schools a better place and safer for our children and grandchildren “I think they would appreciate that.” In addition I believe that the board should play a leadership role in the community, proactively seeking greater involvement and responsibility on the part of parents. Our parents must understand the educational process and the importance of their personal role and joint accountability in preparing their children for school and supporting their education throughout the years.

My passion: “For me it’s the satisfaction of helping children to become successful,” I say.  “If I can help our children do better in their studies then it’s all worth it.” As teen’s coordinator and adviser of a few local clubs, the greatest part is being involved in the children’s lives. Going into the schools, being seen, and getting to see them has been very rewarding and accomplishing to me.  “That’s what we’re here for.”

I do not support: Shorting the school hours or cutting after schoolactivity programs such as arts, reading programs and mentoring.

It’s important to preserve extracurricular activities that build life skills for future success projects.   We need to foster a public education system that embraces and celebrates the individuality of all our children and facilitates their ability to reach their full potential, whether that be through the arts, sciences, mathematics,  technology,  humanities, music, or all of the above. Some of these programs have had a profound and positive impact on the development and growth of many of our students. My guiding principle is that ALL students will succeed, regardless of race, economic status, ethnicity, gender, language or disability. I believe investment, commitment and support of public education will provide children of all socio -economic backgrounds a path to fulfilling their dreams and our hope for the future.

My contributions, perspectives, and initiatives during my first term would be our school priorities and policies.

 My focus areas include:

  • Being a voice for working parents, diverse populations and underserved youth.

  • Providing individualized instructions and support services in order for each child to achieve their potential.

  • Preserve extracurricular activities that build life skills through the arts, recreation and technology.

  •  Keeping class sizes small so more interactive learning can occur.

  • Monitoring expenses to keep taxes low.

  • Parents/Mentors should be encouraged to fully participate in their child’s education.

I have been a business entrepreneur of some profit and non-profit businesses. I believe I have the time, energy, passion and management experience to identify and prioritize the issues, seek collaborative solutions, and encourage prudent fiscal management of limited available resources. I am constantly aware that this work is undertaken on behalf of all the citizens of this community “I think it’s better to have a diverse group of people with different perspectives and backgrounds. 

Active member:

I am the founder of D.I.V.A.S Club International and President-elect of Flagler Palm Coast Kiwanis as well advisor of Key-Club of FPC High School”. Board director of US ACCCA Agency. Steering Co-chair of United Way Women/Initiative of Flagler County. Pass V-President of Garden Club of Palm Coast and a member of Arranger’s Guild club.

Member of NAMP North-American Association of Masters in Psychology and the American Ministers Association, Flagler County DMC Disproportionate Minority Contact, Faith Base of The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Chaplain of International of Christian Chaplains, Chaplain of CAFEBI International and the NAACP. Member of “UWF” University Women of Flagler,  “NAPW” National Association of Professional Women, Portuguese Club, the Hispanic Club  and others.  


As I move through life I think I will always be involved in community service. Not just because I think it is important but because it is something I enjoy and look forward to. I can volunteer for something I really believe and have an interest in. To me it’s important to help our children, because it makes a difference on Flagler County and our childrens lives!  I hope this inspires you to vote. 

Please remember to VOTE!

It is a simple way to support student success and to strengthen our community.


With your help I can bring fresh, new ideas to the Flagler County schools Board.

If elected, I can assure the community that I will dedicate myself to providing the necessary Leadership, to help the board address future challenges facing our divers’ school district. 


A thank you!

I’ve met so many great people over the last few months and I’ve gotten to spend more time with many of you. For those of you that were involved from the very beginning I was truly blessed to be involved with such a great community and to have such a great group of friends. You each have a lot to be proud of – YOU are the reason I’m a candidate for school board – whether it was passing out, petitions, flyers, talking to friends, financial donations, putting a sign in your yard, or giving me ideas for the campaign – all of you are the reason we will have a successful campaign.

Thanks again for everything. Please feel free to call me if there is ever anything I can do for you. You all know where to find me!

Offices: 9 Palm Harbor Village Way, Palm Coast, FL 32137

Political advertising approved by Maria P Barbosa campaign for Flagler County School Board District 1, Nonpartisan




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Dr Maria Barbosa



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