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Maria Pinto Barbosa 


           *artist * author 


 Maria Pinto Barbosa is a representational landscape and floral painter whose paintings have messages for her, and going through the process of painting is like a spiritual journey. 


 Maria is mostly self-taught, but has received invaluable and inspirational connection to the land where finds great beauty.  Her oil painting and illustration are vastly different from one another with the exception of her use of color which is always rich and lush.




As a child, she wanted to make color-books come alive with color.


Why does she paint?


Because she see herself in the painting. She experiences each stroke as it brings back memories with color. She treasures painting as a method of meditation. She paints to explore and find magical realms where each stroke becomes reality.




Maria Pinto Barbosa pieces are talking pieces and add character and brightness to homes and workplaces. Her appreciation for life is expressed on canvas and allows her to release it to others around her.




Dr Maria Barbosa



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