Juvenile Leadership Accountability & Intersection


Accountability & Intersection book will help to reduce the number of teen from getting involved with juvenile justice system or getting arrested. when teenagers feel overwhelmed, they lose confidence and become irritable and can lead to bigger problems,  educational, professional, physical and emotional health. “life is about choices”  Your life will follow your choices or circumstances…

ACCEL Juvenile Leadership, Book #3. “Teens accountability” refers to the concept of holding teenagers responsible for their actions and behavior. This includes being accountable for their schoolwork, their relationships with family and friends, and their involvement in extracurricular activities. It also means being accountable for any mistakes or wrongdoings they may commit, and taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Accountability is an important trait for teenagers to develop as it helps them to become responsible and independent adults.
Intersection with self… Self-control is a vital skill that allows individuals to regulate their thoughts, feelings, and actions. During adolescence, teenagers experience significant physical and emotional changes, which can sometimes lead to impulsive behavior and poor decision-making.
Overall, developing self-control is an important part of healthy adolescent development and can help teens make responsible choices that will benefit them in the long term.


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