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“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of the ability to empower other”.                     

                                                                                                                       John Maxwell     


                Questions to you may be asking yourself!
                Feeling overwhelmed with your day to day life?
Are you searching for an opportunity to grow?
Do you need motivation to help reaching your goals?
Are you struggling with your new career?
Are you looking to spend time with your family?
IF you answer YES to any of the following ACCEL Leadership Institute has a solution for YOU. Visit 
Become ready for a lifestyle change and be a more effective leader.
ACCEL Leadership Institute offers:
  •          ACCEL Personal Development Coach
Improve your clients’ ability to set goals and achieve satisfying results by helping them identify solutions that will impact their life. Help them discover a way to take advantage of their natural strengths.
 Participants will learn from a proven model of success.  Life coaching training is great for individuals, teams, or your corporation.
        •    ACCEL Entrepreneur Coach
Becoming an entrepreneur coach will enhance your business and bridge the gaps between you and your clients.  ACCEL training will give you the confidence you need and the tools necessary to survive.  We build leaders, increase your skills, increase your theory knowledge help you become a more effective with your research skills, and help you gain positive social skills for your clients.
New entrepreneurs need some unique skills to deal with everyday challenges.  We will help you learn how to problem solve to make better decision and become more perspective.  
  •           ACCEL Marriage Coach
Become a marriage coach will help you strategically resolve conflict, rebuilding friendship, and renewing intimacy. Our trainers are able help many couples and families. Marriage Coaching can helps many couples and families.
  •         ACCEL Parent Coach
The Parent Coach team is highly trained and certified Parent Coaches who are dedicated to ongoing training and development.
 Through this training you will become more effective as a parent and a parent coach.
The parent Coach is who helps cultivate a better relationship between parents and children, through customized support our trained coaches provide guidance based on each family’s needs.  ACCEL Educational Parenting workshops and other materials are available for ongoing support. Whether you’re married, a step-parent, single parent or foster parent, ACCEL Coach Certified will provide you the education and support for the most important job any of us will ever have.
      • ACCEL Juvenile/ Youth Coach
The Certified Juvenile/youth mentoring coach training program is unique in its own training path because it shapes our teens to be leaders and mentors. Through this training path we provide tools to lead to student success as they transition into adulthood. Youth who go through this training path become more motivated, confident, and are able to aim high!





Dr Maria Barbosa



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