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ACCEL Team Coaches Leaders understand the unique challenges ministries face and provide practical tools and insights to navigate these challenges effectively.

Are you actively seeking opportunities for growth and development?

Do you find yourself in need of motivation to propel you toward your goals?

Is the idea of empowering those around you of significant interest to you?

If you answered YES, ACCEL courses are tailored to help you expand your knowledge and enhance your ministries.

ACCEL offers certification to Life Coaches in various fields and careers.

Empower Your Leadership Journey with ACCEL Team Coaches: Unveiling Multi-Educational Training Excellence

In the realm of leadership development, the ACCEL Team Coaches Leaders are poised to revolutionize your educational experience. With a commitment to excellence and a wealth of expertise, our leadership training programs are tailored to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in diverse professional landscapes.

The ACCEL Advantage: Unmatched Expertise in Leadership Education

Comprehensive Training Modules

ACCEL Team Coaches Leaders pride themselves on offering comprehensive training modules that cover a spectrum of leadership dimensions. From foundational leadership principles to advanced strategies for navigating complex organizational challenges, our training programs are meticulously designed to empower leaders at every stage of their professional journey.

Leadership Training for Everyone: From Ministries to Corporations

Ministry Leadership Training

For those involved in ministry leadership, our specialized training programs delve into the intricacies of leading within a religious or nonprofit context. ACCEL Team Coaches Leaders understand the unique challenges ministries face and provide practical tools and insights to navigate these challenges effectively.

Corporate Leadership Excellence

In the corporate world, effective leadership is paramount. ACCEL Team Coaches Leaders bring their expertise to the business arena, offering dynamic training programs that empower executives and managers to lead with vision, strategy, and adaptability. Our programs cover essential topics such as team dynamics, decision-making, Temperaments in leadership positions, and fostering a culture of innovation.

Innovative Training Methodologies: Beyond the Ordinary

Interactive Workshops

ACCEL Team Coaches Leaders believe in the power of interaction. Our training workshops are designed to be dynamic and engaging, fostering active participation and hands-on learning. Participants don’t just absorb information; they actively apply it, ensuring a deeper understanding and retention of crucial leadership concepts.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Join ACCEL Team Coaches Leaders Today

Tailored Coaching Sessions

In addition to our structured training programs, ACCEL Team Coaches Leaders offer tailored coaching sessions for individuals seeking one-on-one guidance. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for personalized feedback, strategy development, and focused skill enhancement.

Continuous Learning Culture

At ACCEL, we believe that leadership development is an ongoing journey. Our commitment to your success extends beyond the courses, fostering a continuous learning culture that encourages leaders to stay updated on the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in the ever-evolving landscape of leadership.

The Impact of ACCEL Coaching on Ministries

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence

ACCEL Team Coaches are catalysts for cultivating a culture of excellence within ministries. Through targeted interventions and strategic initiatives, our coaches foster an environment where innovation, collaboration, and excellence thrive. This cultural transformation not only enhances the working experience for ministry members but also attracts talent and resources that contribute to overall success.

Sustainable Growth Strategies

Beyond immediate success, ACCEL Team Coaches are committed to implementing sustainable growth strategies for ministries. By integrating principles of adaptability and resilience into leadership practices, our coaches ensure that ministries are well-equipped to navigate future challenges. The result is a resilient, forward-looking ministry that stands the test of time.

If you are ready to embark on a journey of educational leadership, connect with ACCEL Team Coaches Leaders today. Elevate your leadership skills and empower your professional journey with the guidance of seasoned experts dedicated to your success.

Become ready for a lifestyle change and be a more effective leader.

ACCEL Ministry Educational Leadership Course

Mastering Ecclesiastical Administration

The ACCEL Ministry Educational Leadership course opens doors to a profound understanding of ecclesiastical administration, a critical facet of managing and organizing a church or religious institution. In this comprehensive course, you will have knowledge of strategic planning, resource allocation, personnel supervision, financial decision-making, and the effective implementation of policies and procedures. Our commitment is to equip individuals not just with theoretical knowledge but with practical skills that are indispensable for steering a congregation toward its goals.

The ACCEL Ministry Educational Leadership Course stands as a encouragement for those seeking to master and learn more about ecclesiastical administration.

ACCEL Theology -Clergy Ministry Course: 

The ACCEL Theology Clergy Leadership Study Course offers a profound opportunity to enhance and nurture individuals’ spiritual journeys in various meaningful ways. This course-book not only imparts theological knowledge but also equips participants with leadership skills that can deeply influence their spiritual growth. The ACCEL Theology Leadership Course for Pastoral Leadership in Ministry is dedicated to providing Christian education for pastors.

Enhanced Faith Understanding: As a Clergy or Pastor, you can acquire a more profound understanding of spiritual concepts, scriptures, principles, and the historical context of your faith. This knowledge fosters a deeper connection with spiritual beliefs and practices. In the ACCEL Theology Educational Ministry, we believe that by investing in the education and preparation of ministers and Christian professionals, we can strengthen and expand the global impact of Christianity.

ACCEL Educational Leadership provides courses and books covering the following topics:  
  •          ACCEL Personal Development Growth -Life Coach

Improve your clients’ capacity to establish goals and attain fulfilling outcomes by assisting them in pinpointing solutions that can positively influence their lives. Guide them in uncovering a pathway to leverage their inherent strengths. Participants will gain insights from a well-established success model.
Life coaching training proves beneficial for individuals, teams, or your corporation.

        •    ACCEL Entrepreneur /Personal Growth- Life Coach

Elevate your role as an entrepreneur life coach and strengthen the connection between your business and clients. ACCEL book training instills the confidence and equips you with essential tools for survival. We specialize in cultivating leadership, enhancing your skills, expanding theoretical knowledge, and bolstering your research capabilities, all while fostering positive social skills with your clients.

For new entrepreneurs facing the intricacies of daily challenges, we provide guidance on acquiring unique skills. Our training empowers you to enhance problem-solving abilities, make informed decisions, and gain a more insightful perspective for effective business navigation.

  •           ACCEL Marriage Life Coach/ Wonders of Relationships

ACCEL Marriage Life Coach presents the Wonders of Relationships. Whether you’re grappling with relationship issues or working as a marriage life coach, our book training offers strategic solutions for conflict resolution, rebuilding friendships, and renewing intimacy. Numerous trainers have successfully assisted countless couples and families. Marriage Life Coaching proves invaluable in aiding the growth and harmony of many couples and families.
  •         ACCEL Parent Life Coach/ Educational for Parents

ACCEL Parent Life Coach presents “Educational Wonders for Parents,” a highly recommended  course-book training for both professionals and parents seeking to enhance communication and relationships with their children. Engaging in this training will empower you to become a more effective parent or family/parent life coach.

The Parent Life Coach book is designed to foster improved relationships between parents and children. Our trained coaches offer personalized support, tailoring guidance to each family’s unique needs. ACCEL Educational Parenting books and supplementary materials are readily available for continuous support. Whether you’re married, a step-parent, a single parent, or a foster parent, ACCEL Life Coach equips you with the education and support crucial for the most important job any of us will ever have.

      • ACCEL Juvenile Leadership/ Youth Mentor- Life Coach

ACCEL Juvenile Leadership presents the Youth Mentor Life Coach course, offering an opportunity to enhance your understanding of guiding young individuals by assisting them in recognizing what holds true importance and meaning in their lives. The unique training path of the Youth Life Coach book is distinctive in shaping teenagers into leaders and mentors.

Engaging in this book training provides valuable tools to steer students toward success as they navigate the transition into adulthood. Youth participants undergoing this training path emerge more motivated, confident, and with the ability to set high aspirations for themselves.

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of the ability to empower other”.   ” John Maxwell “   

ACCEL offers certification to Life Coaches in various fields and careers.

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Dr Maria Barbosa

Maria Barbosa

Professional background: Entrepreneur for 36 years working in small and big businesses. Property investor and Property manager FSBA Certified as School Board of Education I possess a Diploma for: PHD-Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Clinical Counseling -Recognized by Florida Secretary of the State & Education Department Licensed Clergy Pastor ACCEL-Holistic Life Coach Founder-Director of ACCEL Educational Leadership Specialized on Temperaments – Personalities Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral leadership Certified-Mastering Ecclesiastical Administration Author of ACCEL Educational Leadership Working as a not for profit consultant Coordinator-advisor for Youth I’m an artist and an advocate for my community. & Founder of D.I.V.A.S International & Pass President of Kiwanis Flagler Palm Coast



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