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We can help you with self-publish your book. Personalize your book today, or honored a friend with a book…

  Men/Women Leadership “Personal Growth” 

This Holistic Empowerment Book is to work with self image. 
Know our strengths and how to amplify them? 
Know our Weaknesses and how to overcome them… 
Learn how to develop self-concept
A positive sense of self is highly valued. Self confidence gives us a better chance of success in life.



  Men/Women Leadership of success 

This book is to empower and accomplished leaders with the knowledge, skills and network they need to expand their impact on their organizations, communities and our society. “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results” Are you empowering others?


  Educational Leadership Wonders of Relationship

Brief Therapy wonders of the relationship book program works and achieve results for men/women. No matter what their circumstance is at the relationship, the program will help each person get back on track and focused…





  Educational Leadership Wonders of Parenting

Cognitive Parenting Behavioral book is a technique that teaches skills for handling life and challenges with children. Have you ever given your child a time-out for talking back – or a heads-up before taking him someplace that is likely to challenge his self-control?




  Juvenile Leadership 

with three books, to build self-confidence empowerment and communication which are vital to accomplished leaders provided them with the knowledge, skills and network they need to expand their impact on their communities and society. These materials will help to reduce the number of teen from getting involved with juvenile justice system or getting arrested.

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