The Value of Self-Knowledge

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If you find a way to be at peace and stress-free by going with the flow and becoming totally separated from outcomes, even when everything around you is in chaos, you can just let life be what it is. You do not have to control, change or manipulate it to make you happy. You can simply enjoy your life. You can be relaxed about life since no matter what happens you are always ok, and you know how to find joy. You must know that you are the source of your own happiness. When you learn this, you will then discover your true power.

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The Value of Self-Knowledge

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By Dr. Barbosa

We each have a path to walk that is as individual as we are, walking down someone else’s path causes friction and conflict, which can stem from a variety of fear and insecurity.
God created human beings with a unique capacity: free will. To understand oneself is often a first step in healing. Many problems
are self-imposed, but the one being helped may fail to recognize that he or she has base perceptions, harmful attitudes or self-destructive behavior.


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