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Maria P Barbosa for School Board 2016

Note: Please focus to the message not to the structural.  



My name is Maria P. Barbosa and I am running for Flagler School Board district 5, in 2016   I have been a resident and homeowner here for almost sixteen years. My husband is Jack Barbosa, mother and a grandmother to 9 grandchildren. I am a native of Portugal.  I immigrated to the United States. I lived in New Jersey for 16 years, soon after I moved here to Flagler County where I have lived for the past seventeen years.  

Professional background:   Entrepreneur for 26 years working in small and big businesses-restaurants and retail stores.  14 years as a property manager.   7 years working as a not for profit consultant.   Currently working as a Coordinator-advisor to the T-Club Teens sponsored by the D.I.V.A.S International.  I possess a PhD in Christian Counseling and am licensed as a Clinical Christian Counselor  Author of ACCEL Educational Leadership.   I’m an artist and an advocate for Flagler County residents.    

Why am’ I running for school board?  I want to continue to dedicate my unique perspective as I serve my community, students, teachers, and parents by contributing my leadership, talents, and passion to help our students achieve educational excellence and be good citizens.   

My goal: I want to be the voice of parents, teachers and the whole community to make the schools a better, safer place for our children and grandchildren. I also believe that the board must play a leadership role in encouraging involvement in school affairs. Parents must understand the educational process and participate with their children to ensure great educational outcomes for all or our students. It is also important to keep all our residents informed and involved in our schools.  

My passion:  I am deeply satisfied when I see a child succeed in school and life.  I want to help all our children do better! As teen’s coordinator and adviser of a few local clubs, my greatest joy is being involved in the children’s lives. Visiting the schools, seeing our children succeed, and watching them thrive is what I love to do. I will focus on the following: 

 Meet the needs of all students

 Voice for parents and teacher and students

 Insuring quality learning

 Keep local tax burdens down

 Work to defeat high testing (high stakes)  

 Resist unfunded mandates  

 Keeping class sizes small

 Providing valuable support for teachers and staff 

 Prevent bullying. Bullying is a serious problem with long-lasting effects that can be part of the root causes of criminal behaviour and academic failure Bullying also causes low self-esteem and suicide  

Active member  * I am the founder of D.I.V.A.S International  *Past-president of Flagler Palm Coast Kiwanis. I am and advisor to the Kiwanis Key-Club of FPC High School, 2016/2017 Lt. Governor-elect of Kiwanis International Division 7.  *Board director of US  U.S. Agency for Christian Counselling Credentials and Accreditations *Vice-President of marketing of Alpha Christian Counselling (Orland FL) *Membership director of United Way Women/Initiative of Flagler County.  *Board Director of Garden Club of Palm Coast   *Member of NAMP North-American Association of Masters in Psychology and the American Ministers Association *Member of Faith Base of The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and Chaplain of International of Christian Chaplains *Member of “AAUW” American Association University Women, *Portuguese Club and the Hispanic Club *Palm Coast Arts Foundation *Member of Flagler County Branch NAAPC and others    

I am always involved in community service. Not just because I think it is important, but because it is something I enjoy doing. Let’s all help our children! 

Please remember to VOTE! Don’t forget to vote for School Board members in 2016! This is the most basic way you can help our Flagler students! School Board Elections are in the August Primary! 

A Special thank you! I’ve met so many great people over the last few years! I’ve gotten to spend time with many of you. Thanks again for everything you do. Please feel free to call me if you have questions or would like to volunteer to help me. You may reach by (e-mail), (facebook page) (Google +) (LikedIn) and (Twitter). 






From the bottom of my heart I do thank all and every voter, friends and family who was there for me; by campaigning and passing the cards, yard signs and other materials to Flagler County citizens to vote for me.

Thank you for your support and help at the election polls.



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Dr Maria Barbosa



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