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Maria Barbosa Education and Certifications


I am an entrepreneur and business person and have managed small and large businesses. I have successfully run many enterprises. I have a degree in Business – bookkeeping. I also have a PhD in Christian Clinical Counseling, Bachelor on Pastoral Leadership, ACCEL Holistic Life Coach.

As well Doctorate in Divinity by WCM New York,  Licensed Pastor Clergy, Certified Christian Chaplain. Certified Christian Counseling Ministry & Florida Notary, Certified Volunteer Chaplain from The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

I do a lot of Coaching and advisory to local and International non-profit organizations to help them succeed. Currently I am working and involved with Terrific Kids programs, Flagler Palm Coast Kiwanis Key Club (a leadership program for students sponsored by the Kiwanis) President of Kiwanis of Flagler /Palm Coast Foundation, and founder of D.I.V.A.S. International and T-Club Teens. 

I am always volunteering in different community organizations and projects. Some of these include; Kiwanis Children’s Summer Camp, Terrific Kids ““,

A-Game Summer Camp at Buddy Taylor Middle School “” 

  Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp “” 

Leadership position within non-profit organizations: *Vice-Chair of Commission on Homelessness for Volusia & Flagler Counties for 2 years   *Abundant Life Ministries Hope House * Secretary Alpha Christian Counseling Center of Florida. *Director of US-C. Counseling Credential.  *Member of Florida Department of DJJ.                  

Membership  * NAMP Northamerican Association of Master in Psychology.  & AMA American Minister Association 

I bring knowledge as a business woman and author of ACCEL youth leadership that no one else has. Through entrepreneur perspective, which is valuable when making decisions on important policy issues such as budgets, teacher support, training, evaluations, job descriptions, materials to adopt, instructional programs, curriculum, standards, and after-school intervention programs.  


Business International Couse, UCF Florida                                                                         

Startup Quest/ Entrepreneurship training, Florida works/ USF 

Recognition of accomplishments of Psychology, Northamerican Association of Masters in Psychology, NAMP

Effective Grant Writing Tips for Substance Abuse Coalitions in Orlando, FADAA

Interministry International Couse, FCU Florida

Counseling International Seminar Participation, FCU

International Certified Christian Chaplain, IFCC

Life Skills Training, Daytona State College

Customer Service Training, Daytona State College

Personal Developed Coach, ACCEL                                                                             

Notary Public State of Florida

Certified Pastor Clergy, WCM

Christian Counseling Minister, American Ministers Association

Cyber Bullying/Bullying in the Digital Age, FADAA

DJJ the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice/ volunteer Chaplains Training Couse

#1,2,3,4 Recognizing parents use of Alcohol and Drugs including nonmedical use of prescription drugs, FADAA

#1,2 Domestic Violence training, USACCCA

Strategies for Integrating Domestic Violence and Homeless Services, NCFH

Child Welfare and Domestic Violence Issues, USF university of South Florida

Introduction Trauma Informed Care, SEDNET

Understanding the Impact of Trauma in the Lives of Displaced Families, NCFH

Closing the Gap, A Toolkit for Transitional Housing Programs, NCFH

Roles & Responsibilities of Non-Profit Board member, UW

Board engagement in fundraising, UW

Medications for Mental Illness and the Temperament in the Christian Clinical practice, USACCCA

Attended the earned Medication-Assisted Treatment in Substance Use Disorders, FADAA

The Temperament in the Clinical practice, ACCCSCF

Legal Issues in Christian Counseling, Confidentiality and Medical errors and introduction to Christian Brief strategic family Therapy, USACCCA

Brief Strategic Family Therapy, USACCCA

Family Brief Strategic Therapy, USACCCA

Alternative Medicines for mental illness and sexual transmitted deceases in the Christian Clinical practice, USACCCA

The connection between substance and child maltreatment

Effective treatment for substance use Disorders (SUD) and the role can play

Screening and Assessment of substance of use Disorder (SUDs)

Sustainability of Florida efforts to reduce underage Alcohol use, FADAA

Evidence Based Practice for Trauma and/or Substance Abuse in Jacksonville FL, FADAA

Pandemic Flu, ESS Disaster Response

Earthquake, ESS Disaster Response

Flood, ESS Disaster Response

Hurricane, ESS Disaster Response

Wildfire, ESS Disaster Response

Attended the making the Integrated Services work: Building on Successful Model, FADAA

Assessing System of Care Expansion, FADAA

Understanding Substance Use, Abuse, Dependence and Associated Harms, FADAA

Attended the Medication Assisted Treatment as the Standard of Care for Opiate Dependent Pregnant Women, FADAA

Attended the Webinar Challenges and Opportunities for the Use of Medications to Treat Chronic Opioid Addiction in the United State, FADAA

Attending the Social Marketing Tips, Tools, Best Practices and Measurement workshop, FADAA

Attended the Integrated Care: A Golden Opportunity for Prevention and Wellness, FADAA

Recognizing Parental Use of Alcohol and Drugs, FADAA

HIPPA Training, DCF

Functional Assessment Rating Scale, DCF

Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, DCF

Improving Care Coordination for Persons with Substance Use Disorders and/or Serious Mental Illness, FADAA …

Certificate of Completion for Flagler County Board of County Commissioners Citizens Academy 2013  Flagler Schools Academy Connect 2 

FSBA Florida School Board Association Muster Board & participating at (FSBA) Nominating Committee

Graduation – Doctor Philosophy in Clinical Christian Counseling 2008
Dr Maria Barbosa