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Get-Up-and-Go Holistic Therapy by Dr. Maria Barbosa


I have a background as an entrepreneur and business professional, overseeing operations in both small and large enterprises. This entrepreneurial perspective proves invaluable when tackling significant policy decisions related to budgets, training, evaluations, job descriptions, material adoption, and business initiatives.

I have a track record of successfully managing various enterprises. Currently, my roles include:

  • Author of ACCEL Educational Leadership
  • ACCEL Holistic Life Coach
  • Christian Clinical Counselor
  • Property Manager
  • Consultant for non-profit organizations
  • With certifications spanning various domains

Dr. Maria Barbosa. Her dedication and commitment to ACCEL educational leadership have not only set a benchmark but have also become a guiding light to many. At the heart of her philosophy lies the profound conviction that leadership transcends mere positions; it is an encompassing responsibility that shapes the educational landscape. The acronym ACCEL, representing Advancement, Clinical, Coach, Educational, and Leadership, serves as the cornerstone of her holistic approach to educational leadership.

A Visionary Approach: Beyond Positions

Dr. Maria Barbosa’s leadership vision extends far beyond the conventional understanding of positions and titles. Instead, she envisions a paradigm where leadership is a dynamic force that influences, inspires, and drives positive change. The traditional hierarchical notion gives way to a more fluid and inclusive model, where each member of the educational community plays a pivotal role in the leadership narrative.

ACCEL extends from refining teaching methodologies to incorporating the latest advancements in educational technology. The goal is to ensure that education is not just static but continually evolving to meet the needs of a dynamic society.

Dr. Maria Barbosa champions a philosophy that distinguishes her as a visionary in the field. Her steadfast belief is that leadership development is not a destination but an ongoing journey. This commitment to perpetual growth forms the bedrock of her approach, extending far beyond traditional courses.

Additionally, I actively volunteer in diverse community organizations and projects, such as the PALCUS, Portuguese American Leadership Council of the United States, FGBMFI, Kiwanis Flagler Palm Coast, Terrific Kids, and many others programs connected with Flagler County Schools.

Just to name a few: I been a  member of several organizations, including DIVAS International,  WIF Women/Initiative, The Florida Department of DJJ, NAAPC, AAUW of Florida served as Co-Chair of membership, and served as the 2016 Vice-Chair of the Commission on Homelessness for Volusia & Flagler Counties.

My commitment to community service and responsible work involves:

  • Connecting with the community
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Focusing on building and strengthening businesses

The overarching goal is to collaborate closely, creating sustainable businesses and enhancing the quality of life for present and future generations. I advocate for workplace equity through initiatives in advocacy, education, and information dissemination.

As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, I bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to the table. In my role as a clinical Christian Counselor specialist, I concentrate on issues impacting working women and families. I empower men- women through educational tools to help them achieve their full potential and collaborate with employers to foster successful businesses.

Here are a few of my business cards! They don’t encompass all the businesses I’ve owned or the organizations I’ve been a part of.

“C:\Users\maria\Desktop\Barbosa Plaza property manager.jpg”


Dr. Maria Barbosa Flagler County Member of Education
Property Manager of Barbosa Plaza Inc.
Dr. Maria Barbosa Funder of DIVAS International
Was Owner of Passion Salon & Spa
Dr. Maria Barbosa Was Membership of WIFC
Maria Barbosa Was a Treasure of Adhonep, of the group in Palm Coast
Maria Barbosa Was oner of Portuguese BBQ Restaurant
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Dr Maria Barbosa

Maria Barbosa

Professional background: Entrepreneur for 36 years working in small and big businesses. Property investor and Property manager FSBA Certified as School Board of Education I possess a Diploma for: PHD-Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Clinical Counseling -Recognized by Florida Secretary of the State & Education Department Licensed Clergy Pastor ACCEL-Holistic Life Coach Founder-Director of ACCEL Educational Leadership Specialized on Temperaments – Personalities Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral leadership Certified-Mastering Ecclesiastical Administration Author of ACCEL Educational Leadership Working as a not for profit consultant Coordinator-advisor for Youth I’m an artist and an advocate for my community. & Founder of D.I.V.A.S International & Pass President of Kiwanis Flagler Palm Coast



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