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Flagler ESE Support Group Endorsed Maria Barbosa

Maria Barbosa for School Board

MARIA BARBOSA (District 5): Perhaps more than any currently-serving member of the school board, Maria Barbosa has been consistently supportive of the ESE Community. Throughout the “staffing specialist dispute” three years ago, when the ESE Community was not afforded an opportunity to publicly ask questions of District leadership, she was the ONLY school board member to incorporate some of the ESE community’s direct questions to administration at school board meetings.

During the recent Superintendent search, she asked very poignant questions of candidates about ESE that addressed this community’s concerns and she voted for the ESE Community’s preferred candidate.

 While not the most outspoken member of the school board, she has consistently voted in ways that support the ESE Community. We are well aware of the negative comments that have circulated throughout social media about Maria Barbosa, and about some of the recent positions she has taken about controversial issues.

Being a group that focuses on ESE, we felt that it would be inappropriate for us to weigh in on non-ESE issues; however, we do respect that Mrs. Barbosa has political conviction and she consistently votes based on principle.

One of those principles is support for ESE students, and for that reason, we support her re-election efforts.

Because of her reliable voting history on ESE issues, and for her support of the ESE Community, we encourage you to vote for Maria Barbosa.

Who is Flagler ESE Support Group?
A community support and advocacy group for parents and caretakers of children enrolled in the ESE program at Flagler County Schools. @FlaglerESE · Community

Flagler ESE Support Group
  • Thank you very much to all Flagler ESE Group members, for your support. Your support is very much appreciated, I will continue to work hard to improve ESE programs and improve communication within Flagler school District.
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