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Temperament God Gene

By Dr. Maria Barbosa

Ilha Terceira

The God Gene is not a proof or denial of the existence of God, but it is a way to understand how our human biology allows for us to have the profound experiences that are common to many religious traditions. In other words, just because we can explain the neurobiological and genetic basis of religious experience, this does not mean that there is no God. The issue of God’s existence is neutral with respect to the investigation of the genetic basis of devout experience and spirituality… This takes us back to our original question.  God won’t go away precisely because it is at these human moments, when we are baffled by our experience, when we or the one’s we love are in extremis, or finally, when we imagine ourselves to have encountered the demonic, that we really need God.  The yearning to find meaning and the intransigent character of human suffering are religious issues. Religions can help us with these recurrent and intractable problems. Genesis tells us that we are created in the image of God, and that God was very pleased at our creation…

The Holy Bible, begins with the verse, “in the beginning God created the heavens and earth,” with the affirmation, “God is the creator of the heavens and of all that is in them” (Genesis 1). God exists in Himself and is the one who gives life to all livings.  The Gospel of John tells us that God loves us so much that God sent Jesus, the divine son, to walk among us and show us the way. Today’s reading reminds us that we are beloved children of God, for Jesus promises his disciples that we will not be left as orphans…

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