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In order to break free of fear, you need to get more information about the situation and look for the evidence that would justify taking action. You must see negative thinking for what it truly is. (Picture by Dr. Maria Barbosa) Winter Park Gardens-Florida
Winter Park Gardens-Florida (Picture by Dr. MB)

CAUSES OF FEAR                                                                                        A feeling of separateness increases our fear. Feelings of intense separateness from others can keep us from fully enjoying life. When we feel close to people and nature, we cannot easily fear them.

Fear results from a feeling of alienation, which manifests a general feeling of suspicion of all and everything. Unfamiliarity with people and things also causes suspicion and fear.

When we come in contact with someone who dresses or behaves differently from what we are accustomed to, our security base is undermined, and we often react with caution and perhaps defensive or offensive behavior.

Attachment to people and objects related to our security causes fear, and we play power games in order to protect our possessions, relationships or self-image when we suspect we are in danger of losing them.

Imagination can create images of doom and suffering far beyond any physical reality or likelihood. Imagination in itself is not negative. It is misused by the fear complex of alienation, unfamiliarity, vulnerability, mistrust and attachment.

Emotionally charged memories of previous negative experiences, where we have either witnessed or suffered harm, loss or death, provoke fear, and our subconscious mind stores memories of such unpleasant experiences from the past.

We also carry within us…?

Each year, thousands of individuals fall into mental and emotional collapse because…?

The blog article, is from book “The Value of Self-Knowledge” with 248 pages.
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